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Where Can I Buy A Car Online?Media Kit

April 20, 2001

We have three versions of the same Media Kit for you:

A 204 K PDF - click here to view or download
A 196 K Word 2000 document - click here to download
An HTML version, below:

Introduction to Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online

The Internet web site Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com (http://www.where-can-I-buy-a-car-online.com/) was launched on March 5, 2001. Its goal is to become the first stop on the Information Super-highway for everyone researching automobile-related purchases.

Our web site offers a wealth of resources for people researching or purchasing new and used cars, containing links to hundreds of websites in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Online merchants of parts, accessories and services, such as insurance and financing, are also listed.

What makes Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com unique is that all the resources are reviewed and rated regularly, allowing consumers to go immediately to the best online web sites that provide exactly what they are looking for.

Visit Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com and see for yourself how easy it is to navigate around the site. Then think of how long it would have taken you to discover these resources on your own. We are positive that people will save time and money by making Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com their first stop on the Information Super-highway.

Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com is produced and maintained by Informediation.com, a Victoria, British Columbia, Canada company that specializes in database-driven websites.

The Staff

Michael Korican

Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com is the brainchild of Michael Korican. When Michael started using the Internet in 1995 he realized it had as much potential as Gutenberg's moveable type and printing press did to revolutionize information dissemination. Michael's company, Informediation.com, specializes in database-driven websites that allow anyone to dynamically publish information on the Internet.

Susan Z. Martin

Susan Z. Martin is the voice behind the reviews and ratings of Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com. Susan sees the Internet as a huge, evolving library with no Dewey Decimal System and a lot of pages that aren't worth the wire they're traveling through. Her personal mission is to help people find the best automobile related resources in the Internet in as few clicks as possible.

Together Michael and Susan have put together a site that is constantly updated and improved as new resources become available.

Why we produced "Where Can I Buy A Car Online?"

The Where Can I Buy A Car Online team knew, from their own online research during the car buying process, that a comprehensive, rated directory of online automotive resources was sorely needed. The team looked into the size and predicted growth rate of the automotive industry as well as the increasing penetration of the Internet into automobile-related purchasing and felt they had a viable market opportunity.

At the moment, a visitor to a car-buying site will spend four to six hours on the Internet and fill-out at least five forms, according to Sextant Technologies - http://www.sextant.com/mcmwframe.html. Where Can I Buy A Car Online helps consumers save time by locating the right resource the first time. Where Can I Buy A Car Online also keeps consumers coming back with its large selection of automotive-related categories (new, used, research, accessories, services), constantly updated reviews and industry news.

The Ratings

Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com uses two scales to rate most of the web sites we list: Overall Ratings and EQuality Ratings.

Overall Ratings are determined by looking at a number of criteria for each resource. Most important to us at Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com is content. A well-presented, well-organized web site is virtually worthless if it has no useful content. Conversely a messy, amateurish web site with great content can rate highly in our books. Ideally we think web sites should score highly in both content and presentation but that is rarely the case.

Here are the topics we consider when rating a web site's Overall Ratings:

  • Content
  • Navigation
  • Organization
  • Writing
  • Presentation
  • Integrity
  • Timeliness
  • Originality
  • Privacy and Security

EQuality Ratings look at the site's performance in terms of buying a product online. Obviously for many sites an EQuality rating doesn't apply - that is why the Privacy and Security ratings are in both areas. If you are going to enter personal information on a site where you aren't actually buying anything then we will include the privacy and security rating in the overall rating.

Some of the topics we consider when assessing a site's EQuality Rating are:

  • EPrivacy
  • ETransaction
  • ESecurity
  • ECurrency
  • EPayments

See http://www.where-can-i-buy-a-car-online.com/info/ratings.htm for more information on our ratings system.


One of Where Can I Buy A Car Online's biggest advantages over other informational sites is its logical and easy to understand structure that makes the site simple to navigate. When you first enter the site you can proceed to the next area in one of three ways.

If you have a specific car buying need you may find this need expressed in the list below - clicking on the statement that best fits your situation will take you to the appropriate resources.

1. I need a car but I have no idea past that - I don't know how much I should spend, whether I should buy new or used or anything - help!

2. I know what kind of car I want but I don't know which cars meet my criteria.

3. I have my search narrowed to three or four cars and I'd like to compare them.

4. I know exactly what I want but I need to research it fully.

5. I know exactly what I want and I am ready to buy.

6. I'm looking for insurance, financing or accessories for my new or used car.

You can also access the site by clicking on the American, Canadian or UK flag on the main page. This will take you to the top-level page for that country.

Finally, from the main page, you can select your area of interest directly from the list in the left-hand column of the page. For example, if you are interested in researching cars in the UK then click on the link 'Auto Research' underneath the heading 'United Kingdom'.

A quick glance at the top of the page (directly beneath the banner ad) will always tell you where you are. You can also quickly display any type of data (for example, Used Cars - Classifieds) for another country by clicking on the 'See this page for:' link in the lower left hand corner of the page.

A search function is also available on every page. Your query will find matches across the full site or can be narrowed down to an individual country.

Our History

The concept for Where Can I Buy A Car Online was first discussed among its principals in November 2000 at an informal meeting in the lounge of the Oak Bay Recreation Center in Victoria, British Columbia. While grey haired ladies curled in the rink below and families lunched after swimming lessons, Chris Churchill, Michael Korican and Susan Martin roughed out the structure and content of the website. At that initial meeting we decided to focus on the three major English-speaking markets in Phase I - the USA, the UK and Canada. We also agreed that the site would be all about content and that the content would be regularly reviewed and constantly updated and improved. Michael began work soon after on the site design, preparing scripts to extract the data from our data warehouse and convert it into HTML and building foundation web pages that the converted code would slot into. Susan started gathering URLs for sites, working out a rating scheme and further delineating the hierarchical structure and categories for the site.

After just four months the website was ready to launch. The principals met at another Oak Bay landmark - the small, family-run Mee Wah restaurant to finalize launch plans. At this meeting they discussed promotion ideas, further tweaks needed before the official launch and plans for the immediate future. Where Can I Buy A Car Online officially launched on March 5, 2001.


'I think these guys "get it". Some might say that they rely too heavily on links to other sites, but that's part of understanding that the Internet is radically different from the print medium. The value-added work comes from their themed approach i.e. buying a car or buying insurance etc. and by building introductions to each of the links that they have selected.

One of the great advantages of this treasure house of information that we call the Internet is the ability to address individual research needs quickly. The Where-Can-I-Buy-a-Car-Online.com site takes away a lot of the frustration when looking for information as the basis for good decisions. And after all we're talking about a decision on an expenditure that for most people is exceeded only by the purchase of a house - so quality information is essential. In a day and age of "dot.bombs" I think they've done their homework.'

Ken Stratford, Executive Director
Greater Victoria Economic Development Commission

Visitor Feedback

'I had a good look through the entire site. Great job!' - Colin Knecht

'I loved it!' - Irene Holms


Read about us:

April 12, 2001 - Jack Kohane - Profit Magazine
See http://www.profitguide.com/buysell/issues_article.asp?id=449 for the whole story.

Industry Facts and Figures

Size of automotive industry:

US - $400 billion dollars US (value of the industry to the American economy)

UK - $40 billion GBP (approximately $57 billion dollars US)

Canada - $15 billion dollars Canadian (value of the industry to the Canadian economy as a whole in 1997)

Number of new car purchasers:

US - $416 million dollars in 1999, (17 million new vehicles)

UK - 2.3 million vehicles in 2000

Canada - 1.4 million vehicles in 1999

Percentage of people using the Internet to research car purchases:

YearNew Car PurchaseUsed Car Purchase
199716%not available


A Gartner Group survey from September 1999 to March 2000 found that three percent of the 19,200 households that had bought cars during that period bought them on the Internet.


Advertising Rate Card

Get your message out on Where Can I Buy a Car Online with Banner Advertisements. Choose an appropriate page and target your ad to a very specific audience. There are eight different ways to place your ad:

Top of Main PageBottom of Main Page
Top of any US pageBottom of ALL US pages
Top of any UK pageBottom of ALL UK pages
Top of any Canada pageBottom of ALL Canada pages

Your ad will appear in sequence with others.


Once you've determined where you'd like to place your ad, determine how long you'd like it to run. The following rates are quoted for the same ad, non-refundable, in one position.

Where Can I Buy a Car Online Rate Card #1 (February 15, 2001)

TermMain PageUS PageUK PageCanada Page
1 Month$250 USD$100 USD£75$150 CDN
3 Months$500 USD$200 USD£150$300 CDN
6 Months$750 USD$300 USD£225$450 CDN
1 Year$1000 USD$400 USD£300$600 CDN

Advertisers based in Canada, add 7% for GST. Payment required before ad placement. Rates subject to change at any time - however, advertisers are guaranteed the same rate until renewal.


We can produce a banner ad for you if you need one. Banner ads should be 468 by 60 pixels, in JPEG or GIF formats (with web-safe colors) and less than 25K in size. We reserve the right to enforce minimum technical standards and to remove any ad for any reason at any time. Need some help? We'll gladly assist you! Start by sending us a note at advertise@where-can-i-buy-a-car-online.com.

Contact Us

Contact us by e-mail at info@where-can-I-buy-a-car-online.com

Our address is:

Churchill Korican Services
Box 42051, 2200 Oak Bay Avenue,
Victoria, B.C., Canada, V8R 6T4

Telephone: 250 598-9474


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